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How to Make Your Makeup Stick For All Day Long without Use of Primer? Considerable Guide to Know For Beginners!!!

Are you also a kylie fan? Do you also find yourself addicted with makeup however don’t have enough bucks to spend it all over your makeup?

If yes, then this article can come in handy for your makeup regime to correct the makeup looks without spending larger bucks over it.

We are here assisting you to know how you can keep makeup on all day without primer over your face and maintaining the perfect glam look.

So if you are also willing to save your larger bucks from spending it over makeup primers, then consider going through the article until the end.

How to stick makeup for longer without primer?

It seems impossible to get makeup to stay on all day without primer until unless we discovered this easy tip to maintain your makeup.

Cleanse with mild cleanser

The primary step that you need to perform is to cleanse your face optimally with a mild cleanser two hours before makeup.

You should cleanse first your face to get rid of all the excessive natural oils secreted by your skin and dirt from your skin. You must remember to use a cleanser before two hours using makeup.

Wipeout oil with oil-free pad

Once you can cleanse your face optimally with a mild cleanser before two hours of makeup, now take an oil-free pad or wipe for removing excess oil.

Once you have cleansed your skin, still your face will get oily after a certain time, so a cotton wipe can come in handy for removing excess oil from your skin.

After you have performed these two primary steps before makeup, then you are all good to go for a perfect makeup look. Following these tips can prevent your skin from producing extra oil and prevent you from ending up with a cakey makeup look.

The final verdict

From the details stated above, we can conclude to the aspect that it is much easier for you to make makeup last longer without primer with simple practices.

The easy tip of cleaning your face with a mild cleanser and wiping your face before makeup can actually help you to keep your makeup stay longer over your face without primer use.

We hope you find details stated above informative and useful for keeping your makeup stay longer for maintaining your glam look.