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Can One Go Blind with Eyelash Glue? Grab The Complete Details Here!!!

Having voluminous and long eyelashes is something that can make your eyes look so much better. It is not possible for everyone to have long and voluminous eyelashes that can help you to look better due to several reasons such as genes and hair growth and many more.

False eyelash is the ultimate alternate that can come in handy for getting longer eyelashes. We are here assisting you to learn what significant dangers of eyelash glues that you should be aware of are?

using eyelash glue

Side effects of using eyelash glue

Are you also a fan of false eyelashes? If yes, then you must have gone through the hassle of fixing it up. Eyelash glue is used to fix eyelashes for making it perfectly stick to your eye. Let us take a look into the side effect of using eyelash glue that you should be aware of prior.

Irritation and redness is the first thing that would be caused if you mishandled the eyelash glue.

People with sensitive skin areas might suffer from inflammation or swelling that can be serious up to some extent.

Some eyelash glues aren’t just good to go for eyelids that can lead to an allergic reaction. The adhesive lash contains formaldehyde that can trigger an eye irritation and an allergic reaction.

Loss of your eyelash would be the worst side effect that can be caused by the use of false eyelash glue.

So you surely need to be precise regarding the use of eyelash glue for preventing yourself from side effects.

The final verdict

From the details stated above, we can conclude to the aspect that you go blind from eyelash glue is a myth. However, some serious problems can be suffered due to eyelash glue, but going blind is a myth. All you need to do is be cautious during its use.